How I met Skeeter Davis

I was introduced to Skeeter Davis’s songs late 90’s when I was in Bombay.

This girl who I barely knew had gone shopping and when back left a plastic cover on my desk.She must have left it there by mistake so I put in in the drawer to be given back the next day.

Next day no sign of girl. The following day too.

Then I peeped in cover to find this audio cassette (yes, they were the cassette days). I took that home and heard Skeeter Davis for the first time. My.. I became an instant fan and heard the cassette again and again for the next few days.

Then the girl returns and asks about the cover. In two minds but I say its safe and return the cassette the next day.

The following day the girl comes fuming and complains that the tape is all worn out.


Well, she complained and complained till I promised to buy her another Skeeter Davis cassette ……. and a beer.

Since then shes grown on me, I mean Skeeter Davis, and now I hear them for the music at times and for the lyrics other times.

I can hear them when I am happy/sad whenever. She has that to put me back on track.

Here are some of my fav, hope u like them too. Just click of any of the links below….

Skeeter Davis – Bus Fare To Kentucky

Skeeter Davis – Gonna Get Along Without You Now

Skeeter Davis – I’m a Lover (Not a Fighter)

Skeeter Davis – I’m Saving My Love

Oh,Boy ! ::::: Skeeter Davis.

Skeeter Davis – Set Him Free (c.1953).


Skeeter Davis – What Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied) (1967)

Who is my dad, mom

This is a short story of a single mom I know.
Her daughter was taught about family in nursery and was soon aware that a dad was missing in her life.
She asked her mom, Mom, where is my dad.
Mom gave a straight answer, he is no more in our lives.
A little background here – Mom and dad separated and he is now in the US.
The next day the friends were discussing their families. When asked ‘where is her dad, 
The girl said,’ My dad is in the clouds’
One friend said, ‘Don’t worry , Reema, my dad is your dad’
All so sweet but when mom  heard about this she was really surprised about the cloud analogy. How did her girl get the idea…
Anyways, this dad thingy did trouble our little girl and mom found it out this way…..
Mom and daughter went to the bank one day where the lil girl met one of her classmates and her dad.
After introductions, mom, girl and friend were sitting awaiting their turn while dad went to the counter.
Now friend asked girl, where is your dad
Girl thought for a while and answered, he is sleeping at home.
Mom hears this and is shocked but pretends not to be eves-dropping when that is exactly what she was doing..
The girl then further volunteers.
You know, my mom goes to work and earns money, my father is always sleeping at home….
mom thinks – where is my daughter getting all these ideas..


I will not marry when I grow up, Aunty, says 7 yr old niece to this lady.
Lady’s 5 yr daughter who was nearby immediately blurts out, ‘But I will marry.
Lady ask daughter, ‘who will you marry, dear
Now the girl realises that she spoke without thinking earlier and this time takes her own sweet time before answering, ‘Secret !!!’

Rain Rain

Friday night, returning home from work. Me not in a good mood these days plus not keeping too well.

On top of it all the cab taking a new route takes me out of my comfort zone. Have to keep my eyes open and guide the driver.

Soon we reached Sadashivnagar signal. And here I see something so wondrous that I am still going gaga about it.

It was all wet wet but no actual rain. As we turned into the Venkateshwara Temple road, I saw, about 15 feet away a thick curtain of rain. so thick you could call it a silver wall.

And then in a few seconds, we drive into the heaviest rain fall i’ve seen in Bangalore. And I love rains. Past week I went out for a rainy stroll twice and hence the cough and cold. But this ‘driving into rain was out of this world.

When will I see it again…


As we walk down from the cafeteria to our work floor, we can see, not too far, a series of residential complexes, I mean, literally hundreds of flats.

Once a colleague commented, ‘Look at those matchboxes.’

She further added tongue-in-cheek, ‘Each matchbox housing one family surviving with their own unique set of problems.’

The other day I had to visit a friend at one of the ‘matchbox’. Hell, It costs about a crore.

And to think we were coolly joking about it.

I want to look beautiful…

This little girl was getting late for school. Just when she was leaving home her mom cried out, ‘Put some powder on your face or you wont look beautiful’.
Powdered face the girl left for school only to return a few minutes later crying away to glory.
‘Kya hua’, mom asked.
‘I fell down and got hurt’, said the little girl pointing to her knee.
‘Lets me put some medicine’, said the mom.

‘No no, first put powder on my face or I not look beautiful’, said the girl.
So as it happenened, first powder was applied on her face and only then ointment on her knee and from there to school.

Salt or Sweet

This lady arranged a party for the 6th birthday of her daughter. An evening with dinner for 30 odd peeps. She had a cook who made the food at home.
But this story is about the dessert.
This chap, lets call him Moustache, is a foodie and an aspiring chef. Aspiring is rather a dull word to describe him. His enthu is so damn high that even if the final product is a bit unees bees (here or there), we keep a straight face and say nice.

Once he brought Biryani for 10 people. The rice was quite raw – uncooked. 9 eat quietly. I gave a gentle feedback but no, he wont take it.

Then one day he brought a dish proudly labeling it as ‘dalcha. I searched up and down but didn’t find a single ‘dal in it.


Moustache advices Mom – why spend money in buying dessert. I will make one for you. 
Ras Malai.
They go shopping and brought all the ingredients. Then he literally took over kitchen even asking the owner lady to leave.
He soon had small balls in place – no bigger than a marble and kadai was getting the oil hot. The lady returns later to get the shock of her life. The kadai has balls as big as footballs.
What’s that, she asks wide eyed …all the while thinking will it even come out of the kadai.

Don’t worry, they will become normal size, he replies.

Well, he did succeed in beating them to smaller size. He then places them in ‘Ras and the lady is now to taste it.


How come its so salty, she asks.

He tastes it too and says very straight faced, Don’t worry, once it is chilled it will not be salty.

So this ‘things is chilled in the freezer..
Now change scene….
Boss of Moustache and lady, lets call her Ridhi loves Ras Mallai. When she saw this dish being taken out of the freezer, she rushed there with a bowl in hand, and fills it to the brim, makes herself comfortable in a corner to enjoy the delicacy.  At least 2 pair of eyes tracing her every movement. She takes her first bite, and another. More eyes on her by now. Hence under obligation, she ate the whole bowl.

Observing this the host lady felt relieved and ran into the kitchen to taste it herself.

eeks, salty…

How could you eat the salty ‘Ras Malai, she asks Ridhi.
Na its salty na I thought its me, says Riddhi
Actually Ridhi had just recovered for a long bout of viral fever and blamed the taste change on this. For sake of keeping up appearances, she ate the whole bowl without any fuss.

By the way, Moustache still doesn’t agree it was salty. He says, uper sey thoda salt gira hoga…..