Men are so dumb

Oh Boy, I am sure going to get lots of hate mail for this. But here it goes….

One Saturday this guy drops in. All charged up.
Lets drink he says.
Its 11 Am I say.
So wat he says.

Well, I am off drinks don’t know why. But we bring some and he gulp gulp and me sip sip my cola.

So wats bothering you I ask
nothing he says

Pause and another peg down.

But I have one doubt..he says

Here he goes I think.

Then he goes on to tell me the weirdest thing passing these ears.

He got married last year. Wife is now pregnant with their first child and at her moms place in Hyderabad. This I already knew.

The next I didn’t. He has, in the meantime, got involved with a married lady and, in their first ‘meeting, sees a scar below her naval.

Wats that he asks.
That’s the Cesarean scar when I had my baby she says.

He shocked and comes straight to me.

Wats so odd. It does leave a scar I say.

My wife too has the same scar he say.

 Oh my.

Did you ask her I ask.

Yes, She said It was a birth mark.


Good Old Video Games…

I recently started playing Candy Crush and Farmville on FB. This took me back to the starting of video games.


One of the first big hits was Pacman. I was a maha addict of this game.


Bricks had a paddle and a ball. Lot like ping pong.


Space was one of the first of the games to have levels.


Snake: It eats and it grows. This is still present on mobile phones.

Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia: This was on of the first to get good graphics. Had the 3D feel. It had hidden lives and wins. I remember those days the PoP cheat sheet was quite famous. No Google then so had to be passed on by hand.

A Touch of Frost

I was watching this old murder mystery and it had something hilarious. In the episode ‘Deep Waters’, this beautiful college student has a trucker boyfriend. She is attacked one-day and the police are called in.

Frost uncovers that the trucker, though not the attacker, is already married with a pregnant wife. So the right thing is done. Trucker fellow tells all to the undergrad and cutely kisses her hand goodbye. They part and the trucker turns and tell Frost, ‘ One down, Seven to go’.

Hmmm. Bugger has Eight girlfriends, and dont forget his wife.

This got me thinking. Why do people have just one sweetheart. And pine for him/her. And so much heartburn.Why cant they just have more than one. Why does only one image imprint in your heart. How come no one else compares to that person. Why is that just by there presence in your thought, they can make your day.

This got me further thinking. But that can wait.

Khana Khao

Mangson tells me this true story…

This happened in a village in the North East. As fate would have it, this young fellow went missing. There was a hectic search but to no avail. Two days later his body washes up in the nearby lake. Bloated and disfigured beyond recognition.

Well, he was buried by the family. Three days later they have a farewell feast for the departed.

Guess who turned up.

The missing fellow.

and eat heartily at his farewell.

To everyones surprise.

What parents have to deal with these days !!!

‘What is rape, mummy’, asks this seven year old.
Mom looks at him open jawed and stammers something about bad men and a girl going to sleep – effectively making a mess of it all.

Next day the boy has a discussion with his friends at school and comes home much enlightened.

‘You dont know anything about rape, mummy’, the boy announces and goes on to give a shockingly accurate account of it. Mom doesn’t know where to look.

Tough being a parent these days..

How I met Skeeter Davis

I was introduced to Skeeter Davis’s songs late 90’s when I was in Bombay.

This girl who I barely knew had gone shopping and when back left a plastic cover on my desk.She must have left it there by mistake so I put in in the drawer to be given back the next day.

Next day no sign of girl. The following day too.

Then I peeped in cover to find this audio cassette (yes, they were the cassette days). I took that home and heard Skeeter Davis for the first time. My.. I became an instant fan and heard the cassette again and again for the next few days.

Then the girl returns and asks about the cover. In two minds but I say its safe and return the cassette the next day.

The following day the girl comes fuming and complains that the tape is all worn out.


Well, she complained and complained till I promised to buy her another Skeeter Davis cassette ……. and a beer.

Since then shes grown on me, I mean Skeeter Davis, and now I hear them for the music at times and for the lyrics other times.

I can hear them when I am happy/sad whenever. She has that to put me back on track.

Here are some of my fav, hope u like them too. Just click of any of the links below….

Skeeter Davis – Bus Fare To Kentucky

Skeeter Davis – Gonna Get Along Without You Now

Skeeter Davis – I’m a Lover (Not a Fighter)

Skeeter Davis – I’m Saving My Love

Oh,Boy ! ::::: Skeeter Davis.

Skeeter Davis – Set Him Free (c.1953).


Skeeter Davis – What Does It Take (To Keep A Man Like You Satisfied) (1967)

Who is my dad, mom

This is a short story of a single mom I know.
Her daughter was taught about family in nursery and was soon aware that a dad was missing in her life.
She asked her mom, Mom, where is my dad.
Mom gave a straight answer, he is no more in our lives.
A little background here – Mom and dad separated and he is now in the US.
The next day the friends were discussing their families. When asked ‘where is her dad, 
The girl said,’ My dad is in the clouds’
One friend said, ‘Don’t worry , Reema, my dad is your dad’
All so sweet but when mom  heard about this she was really surprised about the cloud analogy. How did her girl get the idea…
Anyways, this dad thingy did trouble our little girl and mom found it out this way…..
Mom and daughter went to the bank one day where the lil girl met one of her classmates and her dad.
After introductions, mom, girl and friend were sitting awaiting their turn while dad went to the counter.
Now friend asked girl, where is your dad
Girl thought for a while and answered, he is sleeping at home.
Mom hears this and is shocked but pretends not to be eves-dropping when that is exactly what she was doing..
The girl then further volunteers.
You know, my mom goes to work and earns money, my father is always sleeping at home….
mom thinks – where is my daughter getting all these ideas..